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Trailmarker Tree (1946).

"Royal Oak" Plaque at the Historic "Triangle" (1980s).

Plaque to Saginaw Indian Trail Remnant (1987).

The William H. Knowles Home on East Lincoln Ave. (1877)

The John Benjamin Home on Woodward Avenue (1877)

A (John) Benjamin Grain Cradle

The Samuel Watts' Log Home in Greenfield Township (ca. 1885)

The Cyclone (Tornado) of 1893

Orson Starr House, Main Street (Livernois) (2000)

Almon Starr House, Crooks Road (ca. 1890).

Almon Starr House, Indian Trail, Marker (present)

Frank Knowles' House, North Main Street (1950s)

Twelve Mile Road Entrance to Royal Oak Cemetery.

Ezra Parker Monument, Royal Oak Cemetery.

Lydia B. Parker (New Marker), Royal Oak Cemetery.

Grave of Black Pioneer Hamlet Harris, Royal Oak Cemetery.

Grave Marker of G.M. Warner, Royal Oak Cemetery.

Grave Marker of Francis Thornalley, Royal Oak Cemetery.

Levi Tootill Marker, Royal Oak Cemetery.

Tree-like Watch Family Monument, Royal Oak Cemetery.

The William H. Knowles' Monument, Royal Oak Cemetery.

Luebs Cemetery Marker, Royal Oak Cemetery.

Detail of Old Grave Marker, Royal Oak Cemetery.

Dedication of Michigan Historical Marker.

Bronze Plaque and St. Mary, St. Mary Cemetery

St. Mary Cemetery, looking up the center path

The Burzynski Mausoleum, St. Mary Cemetery

O'Loughnane, Loughnane, Lockman Monument, St. Mary Cemetery

The McHale Sisters, St. Mary Cemetery

Greek Cross, Baptist Church (ca. 1890)

St. Mary R.C. Church (ca. 1900)

Methodist Episcopal Church (early 20th century)

Gallery of Pastors, First United Methodist Church

National Shrine of the Little Flower, Catholic (ca. 1938)

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St. Pauls Lutheran Church

Missionary Church

Womans Club Building

Union School (SE Corner Washington & Lincoln Avenue) (ca. 1900).

Graduating Class 1902.

Class Picture at Union School, 1905.

Class at the Williams' School, 1906/07.

Football Team, 1912.

High School (later Barton Jr. H.S.) (ca. 1915).

Class at the Oakridge School, 1919-1924

St. Mary Academy (1920s/30s).

San Sara Hall (early 20th Century).

George A. Dondero High School

The U.S. Grant Elementary School, ca. 1980

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Remains of Fire on East side of Main Street north of Fourth Street.

East side of Main Street north of Fourth Street.

Main Street, looking South of Third Street (1909).

East side of Main Street (ca. 1910)

From Main Street looking West along Fourth Street

Looking northeast across Main Street.

Main Street, looking North of Fourth Street (1913).

Three views of Main Street (ca. 1930s).

Washington Avenue, looking North of Fourth Street (ca. 1900).

Washington at Lincoln Avenue, looking Northwest (ca. 1905).

Washington, looking North toward Fourth Street.

Washington, looking South from Fourth Street (ca. 1930s).

Washington near Seventh Street (?) (ca. 1910s).

Washington looking South from Sixth Street (ca. 1920s?).

Gardenia, looking east from Main Street.

Crooks Road at the Almon Starr home.

Streetcar crossing GTWRR tracks on Fourth Street (ca. 1910).

Northwood Subdivision at Woodward & 12 Mile.

Northwood Subdivision being laid out (ca. 1920s).

Woodward Avenue (1930's).

Julius Braun House on Main Street.

Sage family house at Washington and Sixth Street.

The Gilbert Davis family house.

The Bess Richards' family house.

House on Fourth Street where Dunns Camera was located.

Center Street (ca. 1910).

William West House, Center Street.

A Residential Royal Oak Street (ca. 1920s).

Louis Storz House, Main Street.

Milk Station on Main Street (1895).

Steam Traction Engine (date unknown).

Smith Crampton Hardware Store on Fourth and Center Streets (ca. 1905).

Lawson Lumber Company Team and Wagon in Parade (date unknown).

McCavey Hotel (Hotel Royal) at Fourth and Center Streets.

Otto Fisher Store and Gasoline Station on Main Street (ca. 1915).

Main Professional Building (ca. 1920s). Second home to Royal Oak Savings Bank.

Transfer Hotel at Fourth Street and Washington Avenue.

Delivery Truck.

The Royal Oak Savings Bank (ca. 1920s).

Three views of Main Street (ca. 1930s).

Site of Frentz Hardware (1939).

The Royal Oak Tribune (newspaper) Building.

First State Bank Building at Washington Avenue and Fourth (ca. 1946).

William Hilzinger and early generation of electricity.

Detroit Urban Railway Station.

Anna M. Hilzinger disembarking the Interurban.

Fire Truck, Royal Oak Fire Department.

Volunteer Fire Department Plaque.

Fire Alarm Building (ca. 1921).

Electrical Substation on Main Street.

Municipal Water Tank at Water Works Park (ca. 1920s).

Red Run Drain under Construction, or "Covering over the old Creek" (1930's).

Gas Plant - Consumers Power Co. (1939).

Streetcar at Main and Catalpa (1930s).

Fire Station No. 2 (present).

The Railroad Station north of Fourth Street.

Grand Trunk Western Railroad tracks at Fifth and Center Streets (1931).

The Railroad Viaduct at 11 Mile Road (1931).

The Railroad Viaduct at 12 Mile Road (1931).

Train wreck at Main Street (1950s).

Railroad Signal Tower at Lincoln Avenue, gone (1970s).

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