Historic Royal Oak

Recent Historic Images of Royal Oak (1940 on):

Shrine of the Little Flower (late 1930's)

1-1/2 Million Gallon Water Tank

WPA Art: the Post Office Building

Mrs. C. Ries Cabins (1942)

Residential Street (1940's)

Streetcar on Fourth Street (1940's)

First State Bank Building (ca. 1946).

Campbell's, Tourist Home, etc.

The City Hall Park (1940's)

  • Map, Central Business District, NW, 1949

  • Map, Central Business District, SW, 1949

    Velva Kreme Dairy Bar, 1949

    Wm. Beaumont Hospital (1950's).

    Ernie Bell, Inc. Car Dealership (1950s).

    Train Wreck (1950s).

    Totem Pole Restaurant (1950's).

    Susie Q Restaurant (1950's).

    Steam train going north (1950s).

    Madrid Hotel on Washington (1950s).

    Hedges's Wigwam Restaurant.

    Oak Drive-in Theater (1970's).

    Fraquelli Bros. Monument Works building (late 1970's).

    Railroad Signal Tower (1970s).

    David Pressley School of Cosmetology.

    Spectacular Fire on 10 Mile Road

    Eckstein-Lakey Bldg. (1990's)

    Sullivan Building (1994).

    Dedication of Michigan Historical Marker (1996).

    Annexation of Land (1891-1957)

    The Clawson Monument

    "Shelbys Mountain"

    Royal Oak Fire Station #1

    Farmers Market

    New 44th District Courthouse

    Oakview Cemetery

    The Catalpa Block

    Hilzinger's Hardware

    Royal Oak Manor Apartments

    Chet's Barber Shop

    St. Mary Church Bell

    Hessel W. Tenhave Woods

    Pioneer Park and Marker

    Historical Society Annual Banquet

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