Historic Royal Oak


  • What Indian trail passed through Royal Oak? Is there a remnant today?

  • List three streets in Royal Oak with Native American names.

  • Where was the hotel owned by a cousin of a famous member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Royal Oak? What was it called?

  • How many State Historic Markers are there in Royal Oak? Name and locate three?

  • Who started the first public library in Royal Oak? Where is he / she buried?

  • Where was the site of the "Royal Oak" (tree)?

  • What stream / creek flowed through Royal Oak?

  • What was the name of the school at 13 Mile Road and Rochester Road in 1900? What is located there now?

  • What was the trade of the first man who established a light industry in Royal Oak?

  • What year did Royal Oak become a city? Who was the first mayor?

  • Who owned the land that Royal Oak Dondero High School stands on today?

  • What kinds of jobs did Jake Levy do? Can you name two?

  • What was the southern boundary of the Village of Royal Oak? The eastern boundary? What was the western boundary? What was the northern boundary?

  • Who was responsible for developing Northwood Subdivision?

  • Where was the first hospital in Royal Oak?

  • In early Michigan, what was a "public house"?

  • What natural disaster happened in Royal Oak in 1893?

  • What cemetery in Royal Oak celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2001?

  • What school in Royal Oak will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2002?

  • How did the earliest settlers get to Royal Oak? - horse / ox cart, walk, jet plane, train, interurban / streetcar, bus, automobile, motorcycle, stagecoach, carriage, boat, pogo stick?

    Contact D. Penney for the answers - dpenney@cmb.biosci.wayne.edu

    Note: These questions were given to the Northwood School Bear Scouts so they could learn about our town.


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