Benzie County History and Images

Benzie County History and Images

Map of Benzie County

Northeast corner

Southeast corner

Northwest corner

Southwest corner

National Lakeshore

Township Maps:

Almira Township

Benzonia Township

Blaine Township

Colfax Township

Crystal & Gilmore Townships

Homestead Township

Inland Township

Joyfield Township

Lake Township

Platte Township

Weldon Township


The Coho Festival, Honor

Loon Lake scene

Trees in a Row

Cold Creek in Beulah

Walking trail near Otter Creek

Mills Comm. House / Benzonia Publ. Library

Historic Otter Creek

Look up into the Trees!

Frankfort, Town & Harbor

Wild Turkeys

Bass Lake

Platte River: Yesterday & Today

Crystal Lake in Autumn

The Dam: Where Crystal Lake "ran out"

Autumn Colors

Sunset at the Platte River

Big Platte Lake in December

Big Platte Lake in January

The Betsie River with Ice

Canoes at Riverside

Point Betsie Light Station

Skiing and Ice Fishing on Crystal Lake

Lake Michigan Freezing up at Frankfort

State Historic Markers:

The death of Father Jacques Marquette: Frankfort

The "tragedy" of Crystal Lake: Downtown Beulah

The "tragedy" of Crystal Lake: Warren Road

The "tragedy" of Crystal Lake: Crystal Lake

Benzonia College

The Mills Community House: Benzonia

The Bruce Catton markers: Benzonia

Ann Arbor Railway Ferry: Elberta

The Benzonia Congregational Church

The State Fish Hatchery, East of Honor


Blaine Township Cemetery

Crystal Lake Township Cemetery, East

Crystal Lake Township Cemetery, North

Gilmore Township Cemetery

Homestead Township Cemetery

Inland Township Cemetery

Old Inland Township Cemetery

Platte Township Cemetery

Weldon Township Cemetery

The Old Indian Trail

Entrance to the trail

Walking along

A marsh

Reaching Lake Michigan

Benzie in 1915:

Cover Page, Standard Atlas of Benzie County, 1915

Benzonia Township, 1915

Crystal Lake Township, 1915

People (Crittenden, Dressel, Malnory, Woodward, Conboy, Dair)

People (Bean, Willis, Webber, Matheson, Meyles, Wilson)

People (Marshall, Wickham, Fish, Shutt, Covey, Swanson, Strickler)

Places (Beulah, Honor, Elberta, Bendon)

Places (Benzonia, Honor, Frankfort)

Other Special Sites:

Platte River at M22: A Tribute to the Waterwheel Resort

The Upper Herring Lake Nature Trail

The Putney Road Mystery Spot where Gravity is said to be Defied

Bibliography of Benzie County History

Other Sites of interest:

Butterflies (LepAlert)

2 ships sunk off Watervale, south of Frankfort, 1886

Beaver Island Historical

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