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Misconceptions, Page 5, Dr. D.G. Penney

CO is not Well Understood:

Even More Misconceptions:


  • Physicians receive adequate training in the diagnosis and treatment of CO poisoning in medical school and residency/fellowship.

  • Physicians get adequate experience with CO poisoning in treating their patients.

  • Physicians generally have a high enough index of suspicion relative to CO poisoning in order to diagnose it reliably.

  • Psychiatrists and neurologists are the medical professionals of choice to determine the extent of CNS damage caused by CO.

  • High-tech imaging devices (CT, MR, SPECT) always shows areas of brain damage from CO poisoning, if they exist.

  • Pulse-oximeters are excellent devices for determining oxygen saturation and therefore whether a person is suffering from CO poisoning.

  • In environments containing CO, the levels of CO2, oxygen and other gases are unimportant in the degree of poisoning.

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