Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Guidelines for Management (cont.):

  • Consider supporting cardiovascular function with inotropes, antiarrhythmics, etc.

  • Consider treating cerebral edema with hyperosmotics such as mannitol, and with steroids, to lower intracranial pressure and restore brain blood flow

  • Treat pregnant patients more aggressively, even those with moderate CO poisoning

  • Patients given HBO should have blood drawn after each session of HBO to assure that COHb has fallen to near zero.

  • Patients given HBO should be administered psychometric testing before and after each session of HBO.

  • Comatose patients who survive may show immediate or delayed neuropsychologic deficits; hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy decreases the incidence of both types of sequelae

  • No patient who is symptomatic, even in the slightest way, should be released.

  • Survivors should avoid exertion for 3-6 weeks after severe poisoning

    Decision "Tree" to Managing CO Poisoning

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