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New Studies: CO References 2002 - late 2001:

Subject Human / Animal Title Authors Source
CO the most frequently inhaled poison human Fatal work-related inhalation of harmful substances in the United States. Valent, F., et al. Chest, 121, 969-975
CO poisoning in two children human Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning with severe cardiorespiratory compromise in 2 children. Grant M, Clay B. Am. J. Crit. Care, 11, 128-131
Death from CO from explosives human Carbon monoxide poisoning and death after the use of explosives in a sewer construction project. --------- Appl. Occup. Environ. Hyg., 17, 152-153
Predictions in CO poisoning human Prognostic factors in unintentional mild carbon monoxide poisoning Annane, D. et al. Intensive Care Med., 27, 1776-1781
Approaches to neurotoxic illness human Pearls and pitfalls in the approach to patients with neurotoxic syndromes Rusyniak, D.E. Semin. Neurol., 21, 407-416
Lack of effectiveness of HBO mouse Carbon monoxide-induced deficits in cognitive performance of mice and lack of effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment Thom, S.R. Acad. Emerg. Med., 9, 75-77
Lack of effectiveness of HBO mouse Hyperbaric oxygen does not prevent neurologic sequelae after carbon monoxide poisoning Gilmer, B., et al. Acad. Emerg. Med., 9, 1-8
CO danger and camp stoves human A comparison of carbon monoxide levels during the use of a multi-fuel camp stove Schwartz, R.B., et al. Wilderness Environ. Med., 12, 236-238
Explosives release CO human Fatal carbon monoxide poisoning after the detonation of explosives in an underground mine: a case report Markey, M.A., Zumwalt, R.E. Am. J. Forensic Med. Pathol., 22, 387-390
Diagnosis & clinical profile human Clinical profile and diagnosis of carbon monoxide poisoning [Article in French] Mathieu-Nolf, M., et al. Allerg. Immunol. (Paris), 33, 332-333
Neural damage from CO human Delayed synaptic dysfunction of association cortices in carbon monoxide intoxication Ihara M., et al. Ann. Neurol, 50, 829-830
CO safety human Preventing toxic gas exposure and fires in coal-fired power plants Austin, A. Occup. Health Saf., 70, 65-68, 70
Diagnosis human Scene diagnosis of carbon monoxide poisoning by emergency medical services personnel Ufberg, J., et al. Prehosp. Emerg. Care, 5, 407-410
10-year old boy CO poisoning human A case of open-air carbon monoxide poisoning in a 10-year-old boy Wilson, M. & Rosen, P. J. Emerg. Med., 21, 289-290
Small gasoline engines & CO human Carbon monoxide poisoning and gas powered equipment Varon, J. & Marik, P. J. Emerg. Med., 21, 249-253
Power-washers & CO danger human A flood-related outbreak of carbon monoxide poisoning--Grand Forks, North Dakota Daley, W.R., et al. J. Emerg. Med., 21, 285-287
Recognition of CO in death human Unusual carbon monoxide poisoning [Article in German] Schmidt, P., et al. Arch. Kriminol., 208, 10-23
CO poisoning experience in India human Carbon monoxide poisoning Mehta, S.R., et al. J. Assoc. Physicians India, 49, 622-625
post-mortem presentation human Carbon monoxide poisoning without cherry-red livor Carson, H.J. & Esslinger, K. Am. J. Forensic Med. Pathol., 22, 233-235
Source of the CO? human Unique case of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning in the absence of a combustible fossil fuel Morgan, D.R., et al. Am. J. Forensic Med. Pathol. 22, 220-224
Severe headache and CO human Pseudomigraine as a symptom of carbon monoxide intoxication [Article in Spanish] Crespo, J.M., et al. Rev. Neurol., 32, 1047-1048
Pregnancy: CO effects human Acute carbon monoxide intoxication during pregnancy. One case report and review of the literature Greingor, J.L., et al. Emerg. Med. J., 18, 399-401
Operating room CO risk human Anesthesia-associated carbon monoxide exposures among surgical patients Pearson, M.L., et al. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol., 22, 352-356

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