CO Dangers, Dr. D. Penney

Carbon Monoxide Danger in the Garage

Potential for Danger when a Furnace is Located in the Garage:

  • Make up air / cold air return to furnace is all or partially supplied from the garage.

  • Auto / lawn mower, or other internal combustion device in or near garage can lead to CO distribution directly into the living space via the heating ducts.

  • Malfunction in furnace / corroded or improperly installed flue pipes / malfunction of water heater (if also in garage, as shown here) could conduct CO into the living space.

  • How to avoid CO poisoning:
    - Never run car, lawn mower, etc. in/near garage.
    - Have 1 or 2 working CO alarms in the house.
    - Have heating appliances serviced frequently.
    - Change to have all make up air come from the house or the attic.

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