Carbon Monoxide Headquarters

Death from CO in Fire Situations:

Causes of Death in Fire:

  • Presence and inhalation of carbon monoxide

  • Presence and inhalation of hydrogen cyanide

  • Oxygen deficiency, high carbon dioxide

  • Presence and inhalation of other noxious gases and fumes

  • Direct flame contact and combustion

  • Very high temperature

  • Inhalation of very hot gases - lung damage

  • Presence and inhalation of dense smoke and soot preventing oxygen absorption in the respiratory tract

  • Development of fear, panic and shock

  • Precipitation of myocardial infarction

  • Secondary effects due to mechanical injury and trauma

    Modified from: "Factors affecting blood carboxyhaemoglobin levels in individuals found dead at or dying after house fires", Graduate Thesis, by S. Kolar, 1999.

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