Carbon Monoxide Headquarters

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

"Famous Last Words" Regarding CO Exposure:

"Don't worry - there are no lasting effects of carbon monoxide exposure"

"As soon you get some fresh air (or oxygen) the carbon monoxide will go (away) and you will feel fine"

"After receiving 100% oxygen for 2 hours the patient was asymptomatic - he/she was then discharged"

...... (Nearly everyone feels great after inhaling 100% oxygen for several hours - thus, being apparently asymptomatic is not reason enough to discharge early!)

"If you get a headache or begin to feel nauseous/weak/dizzy, etc, just go outside for a few minutes and have a smoke"
....... (using a propane-fueled device in a small space)

...... last changed 01/04/01

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