Blood Pressure, Dr. D. Penney

Self-Assessment - More Questions:

7) Changes in arterial blood pressure with aging are the result of

a. decreased vessel wall compliance
b. increased arterial resistance
c. both a and b

8) Systolic blood pressure is (less / equally / more) accurately determined than diastolic blood pressure by the indirect (or, .......................) method.

9) In the venous pulse, the (a / c / v) wave results from atrial filling.

10) The cutaneous veins, functioning in thermoregulation, are normally filled to a (greater / lesser) extent on a hot day and/or during a bout of sustained exercise.

11) Right ventricular stroke volume is (greater than / the same / less than) that of the left ventricular during inspiration.

12) Blood pressure measured with a cuff, sphygmomanometer and stethoscope is a (transmural pressure / perfusion pressure).

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