Blood Pressure, Dr. D. Penney

Self-Assessment - Questions:

1) An increase in the rate of blood flow from the arterial system causes a more negative slope of the catacrotic limb of the aortic pressure curve in

a. aortic insufficiency
b. a decreased stroke volume
c. aortic stenosis

2) The arterial pulse wave travels outward from the heart at a velocity (less than / the same / greater than) blood flow velocity.

3) The mean arterial pressure is more dependent upon the diastolic than the systolic pressure. ( T / F )

4) Arterioles have (more / the same / less) smooth muscle than collagen.

5) Aging in arteries produces

a. a decrease in wall collagen content
b. rearrangement of wall collagen such that there is less slackness of the fiber
c. both a and b

6) Blood vessel wall compliance increases as transmural pressure increases (T / F)

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