Page 9, USMLE, Dr. D. Penney

USMLE-Type Examination Questions - Blood Pressure:

231.  Which of the following processes DOES NOT occur with aging (ie., between the ages of 45 and 95)?
	(A)	an increase in concentration of calcium in the arteries
	(B)	incompetence of the venous valves 
	(C)	an increase in arterial pulse pressure
	(D)	a decrease in pulse wave velocity
	(E)	a decrease in maximal cardiac output

234.  An increase in the rate of blood flow from the arterial system causes a more negative slope of the catacrotic limb of the aortic pressure curve.  This more negative slope may be caused by
	(A)	a decreased heart rate
	(B)	a decreased stroke volume
	(C)	both decreased heart rate and decreased stroke volume
	(D)	aortic insufficiency
	(E)	aortic stenosis

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