Quick Study Index, Module 8

Comparison of the systemic and pulmonary circulations (Table 7.00)

Functional components of the circulatory system (Figure 7.01)

Windkessel effect

Why not continuous arterial blood flow?


Varieties of circuitry in the circulatory system (Figure 7.02)

Varieties of circuitry (list)

Data for the mesenteric vascular bed of the dog (Table 7.01)

The inverse relationship of total blood vessel cross-sectional area and flow velocity (Figure 7.03)

Cardiovascular Trivia, or "Astounding Facts"

Circulation time

Body fluid compartments

Blood volume distribution in the human vascular bed (Table 7.02)

Distribution of blood volume in the circulation (Figure 7.04)

Summary of blood flow, oxygen utilization and venous partial pressure of oxygen for various tissues and organs (Figure 7.05)

Summary of architecture of the circulation

Right above: Claude Bernard, 1813-1878, founder of experimental physiology; the "internal milieu" & homeostasis.

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