Architecture of the Circulation, Dr. D. Penney

Self Assessment: (continued..)

8) The bronchial and Thebesian circulations acts as shunts, reducing arterial O2 saturation ( T / F ).

9) The pulmonary circulation differs from the systemic circulation in that in the pulmonary circulation

a. the arterial system is more distensible
b. adrenergic sympathetic neurons are less important in controlling arteriolar and precapillary resistances
c. the arteries serve as relatively more important blood reservoirs

10) Mean resting body circulation time is approximately 10 seconds ( T / F ).

11) The total resistance of a number of resistances in series is equal to the ( SUM / PRODUCT / RECIPROCALS ) of each of the individual resistances.

12) Specific blood flow rate is ( GREATER / LESS ) in the myocardium than in skeletal muscle under "resting" conditions.

13) Circulation time is ( MORE / LESS ) dependent upon what happens in the veins than in the arteries.

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