Turbulence & Rheology, Dr. D. Penney

Self Assessment:

1) Turbulent blood flow in the aorta is (more/less) likely in children, anemics and the elderly.

2) Viscosity is defined as shear stress divided by ( ................ ).

3) Which parameter contained in the Reynolds equation is least likely to influence turbulence physiologically?

4) The Fahraeus - Lindqvist effect lowers flow resistance to the greatest extent in the (veins/capillaries/arterioles/arteries).

5) Maximum oxygen transport to tissues

a. is the product of blood oxygen content and cardiac output.
b. is low at both very low and very high hematocrit.
c. both a and b

6) Spherical erythrocytes should be better than biconcave discoids because more hemoglobin (thus oxygen) could be carried per erythrocyte (T / F).

7) Erythrocyte deformability is (increase/unchanged/decreased) by hypoxia, acidosis, hypoglycemia and hypothermia.

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