Hemodynamics, Dr. D. Penney

Self Assessment (continued..):

7) In a recumbent person, the greatest perfusion pressure exists between.
a. the ascending aorta and the anterior tibial artery
b. the anterior tibial artery and the anterior tibial vein
c. the pulmonary artery and the pulmonary vein

8) A soldier stands at attention for 30 sec. How can his femoral vein pressure best be decreased?

a. by constricting the systemic arterioles
b. by dilating the systemic veins
c. by having him flex his leg muscles

9) Blood is a Newtonian fluid ( T / F ).

10) Of the total resistance to blood flow in the systemic circulation ( ......... %) occurs in the arterioles.

11) Transmural pressure of cerebral veins is negative when a person is standing ( T / F ).

12) The largest fractional volume of blood in the circulation is normally contained in ( ......... ).

The Answers

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