Hemodynamics, Dr. D. Penney

Self Assessment:

l) Kinetic energy represents a (significant/insignificant) part of total fluid energy in the vena cava, relative to most arteries.

2) In order to obtain the real pressure, end (upstream)-measured pressure must be corrected by (adding/subtracting) kinetic energy from it.

3) Blood viscosity (increases/doesn't change/decreases) as hematocrit increases.

4) A calculated decrease in vascular resistance tells you that vessels have dilated ( T / F ).

5) Flow rate is (directly/inversely) related to viscosity.

6) What would be the total resistance offered by the following three resistances arranged in parallel with each other? 0.2 PRU, 0.4 PRU, 0.2 PRU

a. 0.8 PRU
b. 0.2 PRU
c. 0.08 PRU

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