O2 Uptake, Exercise & Cor. Circ., Dr. D. Penney

Tissue Oxygen Delivery and Utilization:

O2 Delivery (ml/min.) = Blood Flow (ml/min.) x % Saturation x Hb Conc. (g/dl) x 1.35 (ml O2/g)


O2 Delivery (ml/min.) = Blood Flow (ml/min.) x Blood O2 content (ml/dl)

O2 utilization (ml/min.) = Blood Flow (ml/min.) x A-V O2 Diff. (ml O2/dl Blood)

[ A - V O2 difference (ml O2/dl blood) = 13.6 x hemoglobin (mg/100 ml) x (% sat A - % sat PA) ]

A = arterial; PA = pulmonary artery

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