O2 Uptake, Exercise & Cor. Circ., Dr. D. Penney

Table 3.01. Hypothetical physiological and body composition changes in a sedentary normal individual resulting from an endurance training program.

Sedentary Normal World Class
Variables Pretraining Post - training Endurance Runner
HRrest' beats/min 715936
HRmax' beats/min 185183174
SVrest' mit 6580125
SVmax'' mit 120140200
Qrest' liters/min.
Qmax' liters/min. 22.225.634.8
Heart volume, ml 7508201,200
Blood volume, liters
Systolic BPrest'mmHg 135130120
Systolic BPmax'mmHg 210205210
Diastolic BPrest'mmHg 787665
Diastolic BPmax'mmHg 828065
a-vO2diff rest' ml/100ml
a-vO2diff max' ml/100ml 14.515.016.0
VO2rest' ml/kg.min.
VO2maxt' ml/kg.min. 40.5 12 METS49.8 14 METS76.7 22 METS
Blood lactate rest' mg/100ml 101010
Blood lactate max' mg/100ml 110125185
Body Composition
Weight, lbs. 175170150
Fat weight, lbs. 2821.311.3
Lean weight, lbs. 147148.7138.7
Relative fat, %.
* 6-month training program, jogging 3 to 4 time/week, 30 min/day, at 75% of his VO2 max in an upright position.

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