Chapter 3, Cardiac Performance, Dr. D. Penney

Nuclear Imaging of the Heart: (continued..):

Normal Thallium -

A 60-year-old woman with atypical chest pain was admitted with concern for coronary artery disease.

The patient underwent a stress- thallium examination in conjunction with a treadmill exercise test.

Thallium-201 is a radioactive element actively incorporated into the myocardium in relationship to coronary blood flow. It acts as a K+ analog and is actively transported via the Na / K ATP pump. It is washed out of the heart with time (hours).

The patient was injected with the radioactivity at peak exercise during the treadmill test. The patient is imaged immediately after at maximum stress and 3 hours later.

This patient's study was normal. Notice the uniform distribution of tracer in the walls of the heart under stress and at rest. This patient does not have significant coronary artery disease.

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