O2 Uptake, Exercise & Cor. Circ., Dr. D. Penney

Self Assessment (continued..):

7) How would the dye-dilution curve change in exercise? There would be

a. a decreased mean recirculation time.
b. a decreased appearance time.
c. both a and b.

8) Endurance training (increases/does not change/decreases) skeletal muscle oxidative enzymes and (increases/does not change/decreases) the same cardiac enzymes.

9) Resting pulse pressure in athletes is increased by increased stroke volume and decreased ( ).

10) One MET (metabolic equivalent) is equal to a cardiac output of 5 L per min ( T / F ).

11) Myocardial oxygen demand (increases/does not change/decreases) as inotropic state increases.

12) Endurance exercise training results in increases in maximal heart rate ( T / F )

The Answers

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