Quick Study Index, Module 1

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Cardiac Cycle: Phases (Figure 1.01)
Cardiac Cycle: In terms of time (All Components) (Figure 1.02)
Index to Various Components of the Cardiac Cycle (Figures 1.02A - F)

Timing - Right Heart relative to Left Heart
Cardiac Cycle intervals (Table 1.01)
Left ventricle pressure-volume loop (Figure 1.03)
Definitions of cardiac output, etc.
Cardiac Reserve (Figure 1.04)


Factors Influencing Heart Filling (Table 1.02)

Mitral valve
Normal Values for Heart, Vessels and Lung (Figure 1.05)

Heart Sounds (Table 1.03)



Mitral Insufficiency (Figure 1.06)

Aortic Stenosis (Figure 1.07)

Aortic Insufficiency (Figure 1.08)

Acquired Valvular Heart Disease (Table 1.04)

Right: Rene Theophile Lannaec, inventor of the stethoscope, 1816

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