Cardiac Cycle, Dr. D. Penney

Self-Assessment (continued...):

7) Mitral valve insufficiency (incompetence) results in

a. elevated left atrial pressure, dilation, hypertrophy.
b. a systolic murmur.
c. both a and b.

8) Aortic insufficiency (incompetence ) results in

a. a diastolic murmur.
b. decreased aortic pulse pressure.
c. both a and b.

9) Cardiac reserve is dependent to a greater extent on increases in heart rate than of ( ............... ).

10) The oxygen saturation and content of blood in the right ventricle is about (50%, 10 ml/dL/ 75%, 10 ml/dL / 75%, 15 ml/dL).

(clue: the oxygen content of arterial blood, 95% saturated, is 19 ml/dL).

11) Stroke volume is equal to end-diastolic volume minus end-systolic volume ( T / F ).

12) The pulmonic valve opens (before / after) the aortic valve and closes (before / after ) the aortic valve.

13) The third heart sound is heard when? ( the beginning of rapid filling / start of atrial contraction)

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