Cardiac Cycle, Dr. D. Penney


1) In a resting healthy individual, the aortic valve opens when the pressure in the left ventricle is approximately (40 mmHg/ 80 mmHg/ 120 mmHg).

2) The second component of the first heart sound is associated with (mitral valve closure/ tricuspid valve closure/aortic valve opening)

3) Stroke volume is the difference between end-diastolic volume and ( ......... ).

4) During the isovolumetric contraction phases of the cardiac cycle all muscle fibers are contracting isometrically ( T / F ).

5) As heart rate rises, the duration of all phases of the cardiac cycle shorten proportionately ( T / F ).

6) At the end of ventricular ejection, the aortic valve closes (before/at the same time / after) the pulmonic valve.

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