Electrocardiography, Dr. D. Penney

Table 17. ANALYSIS OF ELECTROCARDIOGRAMS (continued......)


3) Amplitude and shape:
P wave - high, peaked; RA atrial enlargement: notched; LA enlargement: inverted; retrograde conduction.
R wave - high & wide; ectopic beats, ventricular hypertrophy: low; fibrillation: wide; ventricular rhythm, bundle branch block.
T waves - inverted; ischemia, hypertrophy: high; excessive coronary flow (hyperemia), hyperkalemia: low; inadequate blood flow.
ST segment - myocardial ischemia: depression; injury.

4) Rhythm - varying rhythm, extra beats & skips, rapid rhythm, heart blocks; is there a sinus thythm; pacemaker is SA node; atrial depolarization is followed by ventricular depolarization.



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