Electrocardiography, Dr. D. Penney

Self Assessment: (continued...):

8) Complete independence of the P wave and the QRS complex of the ECG indicates

A. depression of the SA node.
B. an early repolanzation of the ventricles.\
C. a failure of the AV node to conduct

9) Ventricular tachycardia is due to circus movements of reactivation in the right atrium, as for example, following a myocardial infarction ( T / F ).

10) The ECG pattern produced with an AV junctional rhythm characteristically shows (upright / inverted / non-existent) P waves (preceding / following) the R wave.

11 ) If an exploratory (+) electrode were placed on the left arm, one would obtain an ECG most similar to what lead?

12) In third degree heart block, the PR interval is constant but longer than 200 msec. ( T/F )

13) The P wave is usually inverted in what lead(s)?

14) Atropine increases A-V conduction by blocking acetylcholine ( T/F )

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