Electrocardiography, Dr. D. Penney

Self Assessment:

1 ) The most slowly conducting part of the heart is the ( )?

2) The epicardium of the heart apex is the last part of the ventricles to be activated after atrial activation ( T/F )

3) The SA node is the pacemaker of the heart because it

A. is the only structure in the heart capable of generating action potentials.
B. has the highest rate of automatic discharge
C. is the most richly innervated structure in the heart.

4) In lead II, the left leg is attached to the positive terminal and right arm to the negative terminal of the recorder ( T / F ).

5) The vector of left ventricular repolarization points (from epi- to endo- cardium/ from endo- to epicardium).

6) The R wave of the ECG from a healthy person shows an electrical axis of (0o / +60o / + 120o / + 180o / -60o).

7) Increased sympathetic tone to the heart (increases / doesn't change / decreases) AV nodal refractoriness.

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