Later Development, Develop. Physiol., Dr. D. Penney

Whole Lecture Index - Module 22:

Brief Review of Early Development (Page 1)

Fetal Changes (Page 2)

Maternal and Placental Changes (Page 3)

Maternal Blood Volume Changes (Page 4)

Effect of Hypoxia (Page 5)

Gas Exchange and Transport (Page 6)

Altitude and the ODC (Page 7)

Fetal ODC Adaptations (Pages 8-9)

Maternal - Fetal Gas Exchange (Page 10)

2,3-DPG (Page 11)

Blood Cell Formation (Page 12)

Carbon Dioxide Transport (Page 13)

Alterations at Birth (Page 14)

Neonatal Circulation (Page 15)

Immediate Postnatal Shunts (Page 16)

Placenta to Fetus Blood Flow (Page 17)

Perinatal Changes (Page 18)

Postnatal Anemia (Page 19)

Loss of Fetal Hemoglobin (Page 20)

Resistance to Asphyxia (Page 21)

Remnants of Fetal Vessels (Page 22)

Postnatal Heart Cellular Changes (Page 23)

CV Changes with Aging And Senescence (Page 24)

More Heart Aging Effects (Pages 25-26)

Compliance Changes with Aging And Senescence (Page 27)

Blood Pressure Changes with Aging and Senescence (Page 28)

Right above: Human embryo.

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