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CV System is the first to become Functional (Table 3.01)

Changes in Cardiac Output during Fetal (Lamb) Development (Figure 3.01)

Umbilical Vessel Pressures in the Fetal Lamb (Figure 3.02)

Maternal Changes during Gestation (Table 3.01a)

Mean Maternal Blood Values during Pregnancy (Table 3.02)

Effects of Hypoxia (Table 3.03)

High Altitude Effects similar to In Utero (Table 3.04)

ODC - Fetal vs. Maternal (Figure 3.03)

O2 Capacity and P50 for Various Species (Table 3.05)

PO2 in Uterine Artery/Vein vs. Fetal Umbilical Artery/Vein (Figure 3.04)

Factors affecting Maternal to Fetal Hb-O Exchange (Table 3.06)

2, 3-Diphosphoglycerate Synthesis (Figure 3.05)

DPG-Hb Interactions (Table 3.07)

Hematopoiesis in the Fetus (Table 3.08)

Maternal and Fetal CO2 Transport (Figure 3.06)


Hemodynamic Changes at Birth (Figure 3.07)

Hemodynamic Changes at Birth (Table 3.09)

Fetal, Neonatal and Adult Circulatory Patterns (Figure 3.08)

Average Values for Normal Human infants (Table 3.10)

Rerouting of Circuits at Birth (Table 3.11)

Closure of Special Vascular Channels at Birth (Figure 3.09)

Pressures in the Perinatal Sheep Circulation (Table 3.12)

Effects of Umbilical Cord Clamping (Table 3.13)

Placental Transfusion and Polycythemia (Table 3.14)

Perinatal Changes in the Circulation (Table 3.15)

Pulmonary Arterial Pressure in Human Infants (Figure 3.10)

Postnatal Anemia (Table 3.16)

Relationship between 2,3-DPG, Hemoglobin and P50 in the Dog (Figure 3.11)

Resistance to Asphyxia in the Fetus and Newborn (Table 3.17)

Adult Derivatives of Fetal Vessels and CV Structures (Table 3.18)

Aging Adult Changes:

Cell Composition of the Adult Heart (Table 3.19)

Changes in the Heart with Age - at Rest (Table 3.20)

Changes in the Heart with Age - during Exercise (Table 3.21)

Vascular Changes in Senescence (Table 3.22)

Decline in Maximal HR with Age (Figure 3.12)

Compliance of Vessels and Age (Figure 3.13)

Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse Pressures and Age (Figure 3.14)

Right above: Human embryo from Grays, 31-34 days of age, and 11 week old embryo.

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