Early Development, Devel. Physiol., Dr. D. Penney

Whole Lecture Index - Module 21:

Introduction (Page 1)

Early Heart Development (Page 2)

Factors Controlling Early Heart Development (Page 3)

Somewhat Later Heart Development (Page 4)

The Early Vascular System (Page 5)

Internal Heart Specializations (Page 6)

Ventricular Septation (Page 7)

Furthur Absorption, Division and Septation (Page 8)

The Cardiac Valves (Page 9)

Differentiation Of The Myocardial Wall (Page 10)

The Gill Arches (Page 11)

Summary Of Events (Page 12)

Cellular Development (Pages 13-14)

Postnatal Heart Growth (Page 15)

Heart Desoxyribonucleic Acid (Page 16)

Cardiomyocyte Growth (Page 17)

Heart Nuclearity (Page 18)

Capillary Density (Page 19)

Fetal Circulatory Pattern (Page 20)

Fetal Circulatory Pattern (cont.) (Page 21)

Umbilical Vessels (Page 22)

The Fetal Circulation (Page 23)

Fetal Circulation (cont.) (Page 24)

The Umbilical Vessels (Page 25)

Blood Pressure and Vascular Resistance (Page 26)

Maternal Circulation (Page 27)

Right above: Human 7 week old embryo and fertilized egg.

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