Early Development, Devel. Physiol., Dr. D. Penney

Table 2.01 - Early Heart Development:

Cardiac Primordium:

  • Arises from cardiogenic plate (splanchnic mesoderm) lying in front of head, beneath pericardial chamber
  • Head (neural plate) grows forward, reversing orientation, to below foregut, above pericardial coelom
  • Caudal end continuous with mesoderm; receives veins there
  • Cardiac Tube:

  • Two longitudinal strands of mesodermal cells, each forming cavities
  • Thin-walled endothelial tubes within splanchnic mesoderm; begin fusing first at cranial end into a single tube
  • Internal endothelial tissue becomes future endothelium lining; external, thick covering gives rise to myocardium and epicardium
  • Heart tube suspended by dorsal mesocardium; later disappears.

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