CV Review, Essentials, Develop. Physiol., Dr. D. Penney

Quick Study Index - Module 20:

Mechanical and Electrical Events in Cardiac Muscle Contraction (Figure 1.01)

Structures of the Heart (Figure 1.02)

The Cardiac Cycle (Figure 1.03)

Role of Gravity in the CV System (Figure 1.04)

Oxygen Content in Arteries and Veins (Figure 1.05)

Vascular Resistance (Table 1.01)

The Reynolds Equation (Table 1.02)

Newtonian Fluid (laminar flow) (Table 1.03)

Fluid Energy (Figure 1.06)

The Concept of Compliance (Figure 1.07)

Auscultation of Blood Pressure (Figure 1.08)

The Oxygen-Hemoglobin Association-Dissociation Curve (Figure 1.09)

The Human Diving Response (Table 1.04)

Blood Volume Regulation (Table 1.05)

The Orthostatic Response (Table 1.06)

Baroreceptor Control of Blood Pressure (Figure 1.11)

Valsalva Maneuver (Figure 1.12)

The Concept of Cardiac Reserve (Figure 1.13)

The Concept of Cardiovascular Reserve (Figure 1.14)

Normal Values of Pressure and Oxygen Saturation in the Heart (Figure 1.15)

- - Normal Reference Values

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