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Introduction (Page 1)

Hippocrates and Galen (Page 2)

Erasistratus to Malphighi (Page 3)

Major Discoveries of the 18th Century; Hales to Lower (Page 4)

Laplace to Poiseuille (Page 5)

Bernard to Fick (Page 6)

Einthoven to Hill (Page 7)

Frank, Starling and Landis (Page 8)

Barcroft and Haldane (Page 9)

Heymans (Page 10)

Wiggers, Forssmann, and many more (Page 11)

Evidence of the Cardiovascular System (Page 12)

Functions of the Circulation (Page 13)

Misconceptions (Page 15-17)

Right: Galen, his was a huge influence on medicine for over 1000 years.

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