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Royal Oak Cemetery, cont..........

23. Cook, Oliver B. - Marker sunken and tangled in roots of tree immediately next to Main St. 1806-1879. Came from Tioga Co., PA. Lived in a log cabin on property on 12 Mile Rd. east of Rochester Rd. until the 1850's. Later moved to a house on Main St. north of 11 Mile Rd., the land of which was later sold to Mr. Lambie. Cook was a cooper and toll-gate keeper on the Paint Creek Road, and an agent in Royal Oak who supplied twine to make fish nets and also sold the nets.

24. Starr, Orson - Gray granite monument, next to 6-7 narrow slabs of his children. Died 1873, 69 years of age; second son of Vine Starr, who a native of CT, was engaged in the manufacture of bells for cows, sheep, etc. in Richmond, NY. Orson Starr married Rhoda Gibbs, of NY state. About 1830 they came to MI territory, eventually settling on an 80 acre tract at the southwest corner of Main St. and 13 Mile Rd. Their first dwelling was a 2-room log house. Later they moved to a sawed lumber house, now 3123 N. Main St, and owned by City of Royal Oak. He continued the manufacture of animal bells. John Almon was one of his sons.

25. Harris, Hamlet - Tall, beautiful marker. Died 1880. He was "in the 95th year of his age". He settled west of the Saginaw Turnpike, on what is now Catalpa Drive, in Berkely. He was never a slave, but had to buy his wife out of slavery. He moved to MI with his 6 sons, all named for Biblical characters, Abraham, Matthew, Luke, John and David. Hamlet was a member of the First Baptist Church of Royal Oak, and was known for his piety and Bible learning even though he could not read. He contributed $25 toward the building of a new church in 1839, a considerable amount in those times.

Section J:

26. Silas Tolls - Tall, distinctive, sandstone marker. It reads, "In memory of, Silas Tolls, who died, Oct. 24, 1853, aged 26 years, 9 mos."

27. Levi Toothill - Tall marker along center road. It reads, "Born in Lancashire, England, Nov. 5, 1808, died Royal Oak, Michigan, March 11, 1884".

28. War Memorial - Large boulder with bronze plaque in southeast corner of Section J. Contains names of Civil War and World War I dead from Royal Oak Township: Wesley Blackmon, Chester Farrand, Joseph Jasper, Benjamin Young, Samuel Young, Charles Young, James and George Briggs, Franklin Bickford, Stephen Chapman, Frank Drake, George Yorke, Peter Lavalley, Jonathan Roberts, James Murray, Corydon Fay (Jr.), Nathaniel Hall, Frank Wendtland, August Barnowski, and Harold Chaille.

Section I:

29. Isaac Newton - Tall marker lying flat under the trees. Died 1862, age 68 years; wife Annie. It reads, "Now stop my friends as you pass by, as you are now, so once was I, as I am now, so you must be, prepare my friends to follow me".

Section H:

30. Johnson, James G. - Tall badly weathered, at least once repaired, monument, probably of limestone. 1799-1872; wife Susan. Came in 1826 and settled on the north fork of the Red Run, building the only water mill to operate in the township. During spring run-off the mill cut 2,000 ft of lumber in 24 hours. Joshua Fay later bought it. Johnson's marker states, "He served his generation".

31. Glazier, Carlos M.D. - Tall monument with "Glazier" on base, is very difficult to read. 1820-1894; wife Adaline. He arrived in 1852, from Chenango, NY. He joined the Union forces in the Civil War and was sent as a surgeon to Columbus, OH, and from there to Louisville, KY, where he was placed in charge of Confederate prisoners. His grand-daughter was Flora Marshall Puvogel.

32. Corydon E. Fay, Jr. - Tall marker immediately east of the Fay monument, now nearly unreadable. It reads "Q.M. Sergt. 171?, 8 Inf., died, July 16, 1864, aged 23 years" (Civil War). He is listed on the War Memorial in Section J. His father, Corydon E. Fay, Sr. was Postmaster 1859-61, had also served in the Civil War, was at one time owner of the Eagle Hotel, and operated a drug and grocery store on the northeast corner of 5th and Center Sts.


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