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Hydrogen Sulfide

Sources, Uses, Caution, Exposure Limits:

  • Sources - Bacterial decomposition of vegetable & animal protein (released from manure, silage); found in crude petroleum, natural gas, volcanic gas; also byproduct of many industrial processes

  • Uses - Production of sulfur and sulfuric acid, in metallurgy

  • Caution - Highly toxic! ..... can be fatal. Irritant and chemical asphyxiant. Insideous poison, since sense of smell fatigued so it may not warn adequately of high concenrations

  • Exposure Limits - ACGIH TLV: TWA = 10 ppm, STEL = 15 ppm. OSHA PEL: TWA = 10 ppm, STEL = 15 ppm

    ACGIH = American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
    OSHA = U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    TWA = time weighted average
    STEL = short-term exposure limit
    TLV = threshold limit value
    PEL = permissible exposure level

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