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Chronic CO Poisoning:

Study B -
A Retrospective Carbon Monoxide Questionnaire Study (Cont.):

Acute Cohort:

There was a smaller group of 21 acute CO exposure respondents. They were not significantly different from the chronic CO cohort in terms of age (44.8 +/-3.3 yrs.), or education (13.1 +/-0.7 yrs.), however men (13) predominated over women (8) in this group. Average duration of CO exposure was 8.2 hours (+/-2.2 hrs.), while the time since termination of CO exposure was 41.9 months (+/-18.3 mo.).

Mean air CO concentration at exposure was 312 ppm (+/-111 ppm). Mean COHb saturation was 18.7% (+/-4.9%) for 5. The time corrected COHb saturation was 26.3% (+/-5.7%) for 5. This value is more than 12% COHb higher than the estimated corrected value in the chronic CO exposure cohort.

Residual headache and dizziness / balance problems, physical symptoms reported by nearly every chronic CO respondent, were experienced by only 76% and 57% of acute CO respondents, respectively. In general, nearly all of the physical, cognitive, and some of the emotional symptoms were experienced by a smaller percentage of the acute CO respondents than by the chronic CO respondents.

Fifty percent of the acute CO respondents received 100% oxygen when their CO poisoning was discovered, and 33% were admitted for hospital care.

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