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CO & Motor Vehicles

Figure 3. Build-up of carbon dioxide in the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle (Ford Falcon) when all auto exhaust gases are directed therein.

Idle Speed = 800 rpm
Air used by engine = (800 liters / 2) x 4 = 1600 liters / min.
Eq: C9H20 + 14O2 + 52.3N2 = 9CO2 + 10H2O + 52.3N2
All oxygen in combusting air is reacted.
No water vapor condenses out in exhaust system; if indeed it does, rates of increase in CO and CO2 will be increased.
Sedan interior volume = 4 cu. meters = 4000 liters; a comparable wagon or van having larger vol. would have lower rates of increase in CO and CO2.
Exhaust gas volume not corrected for higher than ambient temp.
Reference: Memo, Sept. 3, 1997, Barry Challenger, Manager, Engineering, Health, Safety & Environment.

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