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Carbon Monoxide in Suicide Studies - 1991-96:

Pounder, D.J. (1991) Changing patterns of male suicide in Scotland. (used mortality statistics published annually by the Registrar General Scotland for 1970-1989)

Trubner, K. & Puschel, K. (1991) Fatalities in the bathtub [Study included 245 deaths between 1971 and 1988. (1% of all autopsies) - 66 proved to be natural deaths, 76 were classified as suicides, 39 as accidents and 13 as homicides; 51 remained unclear] Germany

Shkrum, M.J. & Johnston, K.A. (1992) Fire and suicide: A three-year study of self-immolation deaths. [32 self-immolation deaths by fire, representing about 1% of suicides, occurred in the province of Ontario (population 9 million), Canada, from 1986 through 1988]

Florkowski, C.M. (1992) Rhabdomyolysis and acute renal failure following carbon monoxide poisoning: Two case reports with muscle histopathology and enzyme activities. (1 patient, an attempted suicide, developed a compartment syndrome of the right thigh that required fasciotomy and recovered after a period of hemofiltration and hemodialysis) England

Shimosegawa, E. (1992) Cerebral blood flow and glucose metabolism measurements in a patient surviving one year after carbon monoxide intoxication. (29-yr-old woman studied for 1 yr after acute CO intoxication following an attempted suicide by inhalation of automobile exhaust fumes) Japan

Shelef, M. (1994) Unanticipated benefits of automotive emission control: Reduction in fatalities by motor vehicle exhaust gas. (Accounting for the growth in population and vehicle registration, the yearly lives saved in accidents by MVEG were approximately 1200 in 1987 and avoided suicides approximately 1400) USA

Bohnert, M. & Zollinger, U. (1994) Suicidal carbon monoxide poisoning in an electric car. An unusual case report (man used a small motor generator normally used for charging the vehicle's batteries at home) Germany

Opeskin, K. & Drummer, O.H. (1994) Delayed death following carbon monoxide poisoning. A case report. (woman apparently inhaled sufficient CO to cause coma, at which stage the hose became detached - she then exhaled CO over the next 2-3 days before finally dying) Melbourne, Australia

Busuttil, A. et al. (1994) Suicidal inhalation of vehicular exhaust in the Lothian and Borders region of Scotland. (The peak was in the 35-44 years age group, especially among males; reduction of the potential of vehicles to produce CO and of directing exhaust fumes into the interior of the vehicle are important secondary preventive measures) Scotland

Garrels, L. & Folkerts, H. (1996) Parkinson syndrome after CO poisoning. Unexpected late manifestation and favorable prognosis. (53-year-old man with a long history of schizo-affective psychosis developed a severe acute organic psychosis with disturbances of orientation and marked amnestic disturbances after CO intoxication in a suicide attempt) Germany

Tvedt, B. et al. (1996) Hypoxic brain damage after carbon monoxide poisoning. Visual agnosia, reduced initiative and memory and delayed sequelae. (3 of 4 patients had attempted suicide with car exhaust fumes) Norway

Ostrom, M. (1996) Carbon monoxide suicide from car exhausts. (Study of 194 victims who committed suicide by CO poisoning from car exhausts during 4-year period. Males dominated (88%), most of them middle aged. Most victims committed suicide in a car outdoors; ETOH was detected in 51% of the victims and other drugs in 7%. Suggest law requiring catalyst exhaust, automatic idling stop, and exhaust pipes incompatible with vacuum cleaner tubes) Sweden

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