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Carbon Monoxide in Suicide Studies - 1976-90:

Ginsburg, R. & Romano, J. (1976) Carbon monoxide encephalopathy: Need for appropriate treatment. (case report of severe psychiatric and neurological sequelae following suicide attempt) USA

Akaishi, S. (1982) Homicidal and camouflaged carbon monoxide poisoning in Japan. (1,985 fatal cases of CO poisoning in the Tohoku district of Japan in the period from 1969 - 1980. Among them, 1,322 cases were suicidal, 662 accidental, and one homicidal)

Tsunerari, S. (1985) Suicidal carbon monoxide inhalation of exhaust fumes. (two such cases described) Japan

Norkool, D.M. & Kirkpatrick, J.K. (1985) Treatment of acute carbon monoxide poisoning with hyperbaric oxygen: A review of 115 cases. [accidental sources (n = 39), attempted suicide (n = 47), and smoke inhalation (n = 29)] USA

Schneider, V. & Bschor, F. (1986) Suicidal carbon monoxide poisoning in an automobile with the engine switched off. (reports that fatal CO concentrations can remain in the interior of a vehicle a long time) Germany

DiMaio, V.J. & Dana S.E. (1987) Deaths caused by carbon monoxide poisoning in an open environment. (Three deaths as a result of inhalation of CO from the exhaust fumes of automobiles outdoors) USA

Wehr, K. & Schafer, A. (1987) An unusual case of suicidal carbon monoxide poisoning. (35 year old student; CO produced in plastic bag by the reactions of formic acid and sulfuric acid) Germany

Bowen, D.A. et al. (1989) Carbon monoxide poisoning. (illustrates the remarkable fall of carbon monoxide poisoning due to the abolition of coal gas in the 1970 era and a corresponding decrease in suicide deaths) England

Kodama, K. et al. (1990) A case of "interval" form of acute carbon monoxide poisoning - brain MRI and therapeutic effect of hyperbaric oxygenation. (43-year-old woman suffering from a paranoid reaction, attempted suicide with city gas) Japan

Burvill, P.W. (1990) The changing pattern of suicide by gassing in Australia, 1910-1987: The role of natural gas and motor vehicles (large changes in the use of gas as a suicide method in Australia during this century, the most marked being the increased use of motor vehicle exhaust fumes, and the introduction of natural gas in the early 1960s) Perth, Australia

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