CO Epidemiology, Page 7, Dr. D. Penney

Study -
CO Poisoning Among Recreational Boaters, July, 1984 - June, 1994:

All Patients Treated for CO Poisoning
Incidents related to Recreational Boating
CO Patients from Recreational Boating
39 (8%)
Boat Age
Greater than 10 Years
Boat Length
Greater than 22 feet

  • Most cases occurred aboard a boat with an enclosable cabin, powered by a gasoline engine, and without a CO detector.
  • CO poisoning is a serious hazard associated with recreational boating.
  • From: The Hyperbaric Department, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA.

    Reference: Silvers, S.M. & N.B. Hampson. (1995) Carbon monoxide poisoning among recreational boaters. JAMA, 274, 1614-1616.

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