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Dumb Things - What would you do Differently?

  • Running car engine in garage with door closed

  • Using a barbeque grill in garage or in the house

  • Using a kitchen range to heat the house

  • Using a gas or wood-burning heater in a tent

  • Running a gasoline-powered concrete saw in an unventilated space

  • Running a gasoline-powered generator in an unventilated space

  • Having a CO detector or a smoke alarm and not checking the batteries

  • Sleeping in a parked car with the engine running

  • Not reading the instructions on operating a gas, or gasoline powered appliance

  • Not venting a fireplace properly

  • Not having your furnace cleaned and maintained frequently

  • Not recognizing the major symptoms of CO poisoning - headache, lethargy, nausea, dizziness, confusion/can't think.

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