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Test your knowledge of Carbon Monoxide

  • Why is CO especially dangerous - more dangerous than hydrogen sulfide gas or cyanide gas?

  • How does CO get into your body?

  • What is the interaction between CO and hemoglobin in the red blood cell?

  • How can you predict the carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) concentration based on the CO concentration breathed?

  • What are the most common acute (immediate) symptoms of CO exposure?

  • Beside the common symptoms, what factor(s) might lead you to suspect CO is the problem in a particular situation?

  • What are the possible residual (longterm) effects of CO exposure?

  • How does CO get out of your body?

  • Why are old people, unborn babies, and sick people more at risk from CO than you or I?

  • Why would people who live on high mountains be more sensitive to CO?

  • Are you familiar with many misconceptions regarding CO?

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