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What You Can Do as a CO BUSTER

  • Count the number of CO and smoke alarm(s) in your house. Do they all work?

  • Ask what places you can get a CO alarm?

  • Ask if the furnace is working well? Has it been cleaned, tuned-up, etc. recently?

  • See if you have soot around your furnace, fireplace, ceiling - could be indication of CO being present.

  • Look at the flue pipes on the furnace and water heater to be sure venting is ok. Do they have cracks or holes? Are they rusty?

  • Ask if an automobile is ever left running in your garage?

  • Do you have a gas kitchen stove? Ask if it is ever used to heat the house?

  • Copy pages from COHQ and study them - show them to your brothers, sister, parents, teachers, etc.

  • Invite a speaker from your fire department or utility company to give you a presentation on CO

  • E-mail the webmaster of COHQ, reporting the helpful CO Safety work you have done .........

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